What is educational research?

Here at ViEW we encourage and support research into the field of veterinary education. To us, this simply means any project that aims to understand, improve or evaluate any aspect of veterinary education. The impact can be local, within your own institution, or international. We aim to provide a platform for researchers to meet and collaborate on project beneficial to the veterinary community. We also highlight opportunities to discover more about ongoing projects at conferences, for example, by listing all veterinary-related posters presented at AMEE each year.

How can you get involved?

If you have a project idea and are looking for collaborators then there are several ways we can help!

  • Join our facebook group and post a message – click here
  • Follow us on twitter and use the hashtag #ViEWW (note double W) to post your request – click here
  • Double click on the padlet wall below and add a comment – don’t forget to leave your contact details too. If you want to see the wall in full screen, click the arrow in the corner or click here.


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