Our History

Following attendance at the excellent Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) 2003 conference in Switzerland, several veterinary educators were inspired to organise a specific veterinary workshop for AMEE 2004. AMEE were strongly supportive of this initiative, and the workshop took place in Edinburgh in September 2004.
This workshop, one of the first international 'generic' veterinary education events undertaken, proved to be extremely successful. The workshop brought together twenty four colleagues from veterinary schools and organisations in the UK, America, Eire, Canada, Switzerland and the Netherlands to discuss a range of topics relating to veterinary education.
At the end of the workshop, facilitators proposed formation of an international association for veterinary education. This initiative was strongly supported by delegates, with many commenting that such an organisation was long overdue. ViEW was therefore formed, with the name being carefully chosen by ViEW members to emphasise both the international and inclusive nature of the association.
Delegates at the first ViEW workshop in 2004