Our Constitution


ViEW aims to promote and support excellence in veterinary education across the globe. 

This is done by:

  • providing an international network of veterinary educators and researchers 
  • encouraging and facilitating interaction with the international health-professions education community - particularly through conference and workshop attendance 
  • encouraging collaboration in educational research projects
  • promoting evidence-based veterinary education



ViEW aims to be an inclusive association, and membership is therefore open to anyone with an interest in developing and promoting excellence in the education of veterinary professionals, or undertaking research into veterinary education. To ensure accessibility of the organisation to all, membership is free.


ViEW Board

Initial terms of office will be for a period of two years, however, these may be renewed on a rolling basis. ViEW officers are responsible for the management of ViEW within the directions agreed by members at the AGM. The President is responsible for ensuring that an AGM of ViEW members occurs once a year. More details on the ViEW board can be found here



The quorum for decisions on ViEW will be those members voting either at the time or in advance of the AGM. The agenda for the AGM will be circulated to ViEW members 4 weeks in advance with electronic voting available as necessary.


Links with other organisations

  • ViEW is a sub-organization of AMEE 
  • ViEW is an allied partner of the Network of Veterinarians in Continuing Education (NOVICE) where interaction and collaboration can take place in the interactive website of NOVICE