About Novice

What can the NOVICE website do for me?

It is a professional social network where you can:

Become more familiar with Web 2.0 techniques and tools
Join a group of educationalists with similar interests
Work collaborative with educationalists from Europe and beyond
Link with veterinarians, students and ICT educationalists

Some of the active discussions are on topics such as teaching clinical skills, communication skills, designing MCQs, using Twitter, swapping tips and ideas about a range of IT tools, and much more. Hear about the latest veterinary education conferences and initiatives worldwide through e.g. ViEW, UK Veterinary Education Symposium, WikiVet.

The NOVICE ICT Education group runs a monthly online virtual classroom, which members can join for free (or listen to the recording afterwards).

Veterinarians continue to learn throughout their careers and, although lifelong learning has traditionally involved formal structured courses, much of it now involves more informal means, for example searching through literature, the internet or other information resources and using Web 2.0 tools (wikis, blogs, discussion boards etc.). Raising the level of understanding of ICT in the veterinary field through a network of veterinary and ICT educationalists is an important part of the informal lifelong learning process.

To register with the website, you must provide information about yourself as a veterinary educationalist – this will ensure the site remains dedicated to the veterinary community. If you are not already a member and would like to register go to www.noviceproject.eu/pg/register/.